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We are here to disrupt Capital Markets, knock down walls and build bridges for our clients.

We are true believers with the wisdom of the experience and the creativity of the innovators.

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Co-founder & CEO
Santiago Navarro de Andrés
"Former Banking & Finance and Capital Markets, Lawyer at Ashurst LLP"
Mariano Torrecilla Lahuerta
"Serial tech entrepreneur, Business & Marketing"
Rafael de Cascante
"Former Board member and Head of Legal at Santander Bank Capital Markets. Former FOGAIN board member"
Independent Director
Martin Graham
"Former Head of Markets at London Stock Exchange"
Independent Director
Eli Lederman
"Former CEO at Turquoise MTF"
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of EMEA
Carlos Cuéllar Saorí
"Former CEO at Santander Bank Capital Markets"
Chief Technology Officer
José Carlos Aguilar Ginés
"Former Chief Data and Cybersecurity Officer at Abengoa"
Head of Legal and Compliance
Jaime García-Cruz Carbó
"Former Head of Due Diligence at BNP PARIBAS CIB & Legal and Compliance Manager at EML Payments"
Head of Market Operations
Ana Rodríguez Fernández
"Former manager at Inversis"
Head of Capital Markets
Javier Rodríguez Izquierdo
"Former Vice President of Capital Markets and Investment Banking at JPMorgan Chase"
Head of Risks
Mario San José Esteban
"Former Head of Internal Audit at Ahorro Corporación"
Business Development Officer
Miguel Ángel Martínez Conde
"Corporate & M&A lawyer with more than 25 years of experience. Former Partner at Across Legal."
Market Operations Associate
Daniel Romero Gil
"Former Senior Analyst in Corporate Actions at Cecabank and Banco Inversis & Middle Office at GVC Gaesco"
Vidal Enrique Ruiz Carvajal

Information about Corporate Governance and other documentation

Organizational chart and composition of the Board of Directors
Organization chart

Composition of the board of directors

  • Mr. Rafael de Cascante González-Pagés: Chairman, Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Martin Graham: Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Eli Lederman: Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Mario San José Esteban: Executive Director
  • Mr. Mariano Torrecilla Lahuerta: Executive Director
  • Mr. Santiago Navarro de Andrés: Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Miguel Ángel Martínez Conde: Secretary, Non-Directo

Composition of the audit and risk committee

  • Mr. Rafael de Cascante González-Pagés: Chairman
  • Mr. Martin Graham: Member
  • Mr. Eli Lederman: Member
  • Mr. Mario San José Esteban: Member

Total remuneration accrued in 2022 by the members of the board of directors

The maximum fixed remuneration approved by the General Shareholders Meeting of the Company on July 28, 2022 for all members of the Board of Directors of the Company since its incorporation (July 28, 2022) and for the remainder of the 2022 fiscal year amounts to two hundred and thirteen thousand five hundred euros (213,500 euros).

No member of the Board of Directors has accrued variable remuneration in fiscal year 2022.

Information about the Market

Information about Customer service

European Digital Securities Exchange, S.V., S.A., with tax identification number A88474713, (hereinafter, the “Company”) has a Customer Service designed to resolve complaints and claims that customers may raise in relation to the operations, contracts, or services they receive from the Company, and in which, in their opinion, their legally or contractually recognized rights had been violated. You can contact said service at the following email address:

The Company has a Regulation for the Client Defense in which you can consult the procedure for the presentation, processing and resolution of complaints and claims as well as other questions, and in which you are informed of the period of time available to the Customer Service to issue a decision as soon as the corresponding complaint or claim has been filed with it.

As stated in the aforementioned Regulation, the complainant will have the power to, in case of disagreement with the result of the pronouncement issued by the Customer Service, go to the Complaints Service of the National Securities Market Commission. Before being able to go to the Complaints Service of the National Securities Market Commission, the complainant must have submitted their complaint or claim to the Customer Service and have exhausted this channel.

Below are relevant regulatory references for transparency and customer protection purposes:

  1. Order ECO/734/2004, of March 11, on customer service departments and services and the customer ombudsman of financial institutions.
  2. Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565 of 25 April 2016 supplementing Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards organizational requirements and operating conditions for investment firms and defined terms for the purposes of that Directive.
  3. Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of October 23, approving the consolidated text of the Securities Market Law.
  4. Royal Decree 217/2008: Royal Decree 217/2008, of February 15, on the legal regime of investment services companies and other entities that provide investment services and which partially modifies the Regulation of Law 35/2003, of November 4, on Collective Investment Institutions, approved by Royal Decree 1309/2005, of November 4.

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